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Performance-based Marketing , where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer to brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. 

Affiliate Marketing is popular method of Digital Marketing these days. It is a process of rewarding an affiliate for referring a visitor or rewarding a customer for performing a desired action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter. 

For Best result of Affiliate campaigns  make sure combine it with other digital Marketing tools i.e. PPC, SEO, email marketing support .This type market is very well-suited for  retail,travel and other service industries. Because these industry have timely research process/large-volume sales.

Effective Affiliate Marketing is a well-planned and  well executed efforts intended to bring to customer to your brand. Our Expert have long experience in Affiliate Marketing. Student at PIIM learn to build up a valuable affiliate network for  website that will bring in quality, converted traffic.

Affiliate work is not as easy as seems. It involves lot of brain work such as set a commission values, because at the time of slump sales, higher commission could lessen its effectivenes. So this is the most challenging part of the Affiliate marketing.



Affiliate Marketing Campaigns


Affiliate monitoring


Recruiting new affiliates


Selection of affiliate networks


Affiliate Rewards Program Management


Banner creation

Content Plays vital role in Digital Marketing.Whether its SEO or PPC, no strategy works if you have a low quality content. So is the case with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates Should create such a high level content that competitors simply can't compete with or Google cant be duped to drive traffic to.


To make your campaigning successful, the most important strategy is to make your brand creditability by maintaining strong relationship with your affiliates.So here our professionally trained staff use effective strategies and relationship with top affiliates to provide our students the best resource that we can.


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We can manage all aspects of an affiliate campaign for your business and know how to get affiliates motivated to sell your product. We know which affiliate networks are the best for your industry and we know how to build relationships that will lead to increased coverage of your product on these affiliate sites.