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Web Development Course in Patiala

web development Course in PatialaWeb Development Course in Patiala – Web Development is everything involved in the making or the development of a website. Basically, it refers to the coding side of the website production as opposed to the web design side. Furthermore, it encompasses everything from a side page of HTML text to complex, feature-rich applications designed to be accessed from various digital devices.  So, Become a Job Ready Programmer Today with PIIM. Get Professional Learning on Live Projects. Web Development Course in Patiala offered by the PIIM (Punjab Institute of Internet Marketing) is the NO. 1 Institute in Punjab there training is designed for all the students who are looking forward to building their career in Web Development.  However, we make sure the gap between the academics, the industry standards, and the demands by learning Website Development Course in Patiala.

Learn Web Development Course in Patiala from an ISO Certified Institute Experts –

PIIM mainly focuses on providing a complete experience to each and every student on all the aspects i.e. Both front-end development as well as backend development. However, you might be an experienced candidate who has just joined to upgrade your skills or you might be a fresher who is just out of the college and is trying to explore all the possible web development tools. We provide you the best Web Development Training in Patiala, Nabha, Rajpura, Samana, Sirhind and other cities near Patiala where you can learn all the basic level website development as well as the advanced development.

Web Development Trainers at PIIM –

Trainers at PIIM are very experienced professionals as well as skilled to conduct web development courses. Furthermore, we help you to build your career by providing you all the required skills which will make you ready as per the industrial standards. We will give you all-round training in both the web designing course in Patiala and the development part of the web in detail. In addition, our training focuses on the whole workflow of creating interactive web applications, communicating to databases, sending and receiving data.

Complete 6 Months Industrial Training – Web Development Course in Patiala

Although, in our 6 Months Industrial Training Web Development Course in Patiala, you will learn HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Photoshop, PHP, WordPress, Illustrator and many more. Moreover, you will be taught the latest and most advanced coding and design techniques available.

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 Syllabus –


  • History of the World Wide Web
  • Fundamentals of HTML
  • Structure of an HTML Document
  • Creating HTML Tables and Forms
  • HTML Formatting Tags
  • History, Introduction, and Concept of HTML5
  • New HTML5 Elements
  • Obsolete Elements in HTML

Image Optimization for the web (Adobe Fireworks) –

  • Image Optimization Techniques
  • Introduction as well as advantages of Adobe Fireworks
  • Basic Features of Adobe Fireworks
  • Creating GIF Animations
  • Concept of Image Slicing

Web Authoring Software’s (Adobe Dreamweaver) –

  • Creation of a website using Dreamweaver
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver and other Authoring Software
  • Features as well as Controls of Dreamweaver

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) –

  • History as well as Basic features of CSS
  • Cascading Rules
  • CSS as well as Maintainability
  • CSS Properties to promote usability
  • Advanced selectors
  • CSS Layout Properties
  • Latest CSS Trends as well as Techniques
  • Developer Tools to Counter Bugs
  • Creating a Box layout structure with CSS

JavaScript –

  • Variables as well as Arrays
  • Basic Concept of object orientation
  • JavaScript syntax
  • Methods
  • Properties
  • Controlling Elements with JavaScript
  • Managing Attributes with JavaScript
  • Controlling nodes with JavaScript in general
  • Functions and Event Handlers
  • Using the Google Map (Ajax)

Bootstrap –

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Grid Systems
  • Building websites with Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap layout and plugins
  • Bootstrap layout

jQuery –

  • jQuery Get as well as jQuery Set
  • Events and effects
  • Introduction as well as Installation
  • jQuery selectors
  • Difference Between jQuery as well as HTML
  • jQuery Add/Remove


  • Introduction
  • PHP as well as MySQL Installation
  • PHP Programming basics
  • Object-oriented programming in PHP
  • PHP as well as file uploads
  • PHP Email sending

Advanced WordPress Course –

  • Choosing WordPress.com vs WordPress.org
  • Creating Content
  • Organizing Content
  • Working with Media
  • Customizing your site
  • Managing Comments
  • Site Management
  • General Settings
  • Website Planning and Structure Design Overview
  • Learn Domain Name and Hosting Server

Reason to Choose us-

  • Experienced Trainers – However, learning with our Trainers in Patiala will help you to learn technology in industry standards.
  • Flexible Timings – We work round the clock, so if you need professional training you will find the specific trainers here.
  • Affordable Fees – In addition, our course fees is less compared to other quality Web development Institutes in Patiala.
  • 8000+ students to believe – We already satisfied more than 8000 students in this training industry to believe our professional ethics.

Who can learn Web Development Course in Patiala?

However, any student who is familiar with some of the basic concept of Web Development wants to make a career in a development field can opt for this course. Moreover, knowledge in programming is again an added advantage which can help you to understand the concept of Web Development. Although, any programming knowledge is not mandatory as you can learn each and every concept very easily and you can learn all of it from the basic level with PIIM.

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