Absolute Links vs Relative Links – SEO Value

Absolute links vs Relative LinksAbsolute Links vs Relative Links – When working with website and creating many web pages, then there are two ways to reference a specific item – reference link or absolute link. On the other hand, an item may be a link, image or maybe a video file.

Confuse!! Don’t worry PIIM will show you as well as explain to you what each kind of link is in a simple way-

Difference Between Absolute Links vs Relative Links –

Absolute Link: – <a href=”http://www.yourdomain.com/page.html”>Link</a>

Relative Link: – <a href=”page.html”>Link</a>

Quite simply, a relative link is relative to the current page or post. In the above example, it’s right next to the current page. If the file is moved from one place to another, then the link will break. On the other hand, with absolute links, you are giving the exact full address to the page.

Why you use one or other?

The Benefit of the absolute link is that they can be used anywhere and they always work. On the other hand, the benefit of relative links is that in case if you need to change your domain, you can you don’t have a need to change your links.
When using Joomla, another benefit of relative links is that if a page needs to be secure (SSL Certificate Https, instead of Http) then you don’t have to go and change your links, it’s just happened automatically.

Now the Question arise is Better Absolute Links or Relative Links?

As we are providing SEO Course in Patiala to the students, we would probably say that going with relative links is the better choice.

More to think about –

Page names are case sensitive. Domain names are not case sensitive

These two take you the same place


Although, these do not take you the same place


Make sure, the text you are using in this link help with search engine optimization.
I hope, you are getting the difference between Absolute Links vs Relative Links, Furthermore, you can join our Digital Marketing Course in Patiala to learn all about SEO.

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