Can Any Inbound Linking Hurt My Ranking?

Inbound LinkingSo, Today’s Question is Can Inbound Linking Hurt my website Ranking? The answer is simple “NO”. Because If it could be possible then your competitor hurts your ranks by linking to your website and this becomes easy for anyone to let you stop from ranking high by just inbound linking.

This is clear that inbound linking couldn’t hurt your rank, but don’t think that you are on the safe side.

Yes, Inbound Linking couldn’t hurt but you can be penalized for linking to the website that indulges in unethical or black hat practice. If you link to such website then it will definitely harm your ranking. The result could be worse. Google can blacklist your website. So we PIIM as a leading Digital Marketing Course Institue in Patiala, India will recommend you don’t go into a rush and link your website to a famous and trusted website.

According to Amrinder Singh Owner of PIIM – Things that could affect your ranking

The most disappointing thing I experienced in whole my career is that people put so much money on advertising or start doing to generate inbound linking for themselves, but when it comes to their website, that isn’t convincing enough to retain your customer. I personally suggest you pay extra attention when it comes to design your website.

I believe a website is the reflection of your passion for your product or service. It shows how much efforts you put on to please your customer. Because Website user experience is the most important factor to rank your website as a quality website.

After designing another thing to consider is the content. As we know “Content is a king.” The design could surely please your customers but design without information couldn’t convince your customer to engage with your website or product. Always remember if a customer lands to your website than he/she visits for a reason. So always think like a customer. Make your website informative enough that they don’t look around other websites.

How to make your website effective and SEO friendly?

It has seen that simple, easy navigated, informative and well-managed websites are the most successful one. A complex website leaves your customer confused and burdened. Make everything on your website easily searchable and easily accessible. Spending money on your website is far more profitable than wasting money on an advertisement without a good website.

If we talk about content make your content well managed. If I think like a customer I will not read content if I don’t look good. Make your blog post in short paragraph it will encourage your customer to read your post. Moreover, give your paragraph a heading so it indicated that this paragraph has something that customer might like. Make your important points in Bold, it catches the eyes of visitors.

Other mistakes, new website owners do is to put their website on Anchor Text. This technique is totally a dumb one if the website doesn’t contain the targeted keyword. Google highly appreciate the Anchor Text backed up by the keywords.

Another Mistake some SEO specialist made is to try to stuff every single keyword into anchor text. Because Google assigns a weight to each word used in the anchor text an unnecessary filling of keywords it could dilute your target words. Involve in the internet industry, I am spending a lot of time browsing the internet and reading the websites. The one thing I find most disappointing is the lack of creativity or thinking process going on website creation. It creates a missed opportunity for many e-businesses to become successful.


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