Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

  • April 17, 2014
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Search Engine SubmissionIs Search Engine Submission Necessary? – No, Search Engine Submission isn’t required, because of these days the majority of search engines index pages through the following links. your website could be indexed simply even if you have just one inbound link of the already indexed websites. Moreover, if that particular page links other pages within your website, they also indexed automatically.

Inbound links play a crucial role in SEO. We can even say that acquiring back-links is the most important of SEO technique to Run a Successful SEO. For quality link, you don’t need to hunt for links. what you only need to do is to write useful and interesting content. If you are content is interesting enough then there is a natural tendency among visitors. This is the basis for the Google PageRank algorithm.

But if you want to submit your website or doing Search Engine Submission then you can, because there isn’t any harm in doing so. Moreover, it only takes about 5 minutes of added your website. It should also be noted that submitting your site to a search engine doesn’t cost a fee. We share this information that has seen that many SEO companies ask money to indexed a page.

Today here in this article we discuss a roadmap to success of the online platform or you can find out Search Engine Submission is necessary or not?

1. Choose a targeted market –

Most of the people have a common tendency when they started a business. what we all do is we choose our product firstly than we search for an audience. But you are doing a big mistake here. Think like a successful businessman. A wise business first choice its audience and then pick up the product. Sounds Unique!!! They choose a market first, and then they select a product those people are searching for. In Short, first, make your audience and ask them what would they like to purchase. Think targeted customers first.

2. Develop a Product –

When you are done with your the audience and their preference. Now the work is to develop a product or service for your selected market and advertise it. we will tell you how to sell your product online.

a. You create your own exclusive product.
The best way to earn more and more customers, as well as a good rate of return, is to develop your own exclusive product. You would have full authority regarding its price and to its sale, as no competition existing there.

b. Offer the rights to a product or you JV for an offline product.
Now a question arises that if the product your targeted market is interested in is already created by another buyer. Then??? You really don’t need to worry, what you can do is to offer them a large up-front fee to buy the rights of the preferred product.

c. You join an affiliate program.
Here you need to put extra attention to earn good profit. If you are new out online, affiliate marketing is the best choice. Keep some important tips in your mind like when choosing an affiliate program, make it like this that your targeted audience cannot be without. Moreover, Concrete on higher-priced products as well as higher commissions to earn a good amount of profit.

3. Create a USP

If you want to rule the market than you have to develop a unique selling position for your product. Because there are so many other companies to run with you. So to gain your audience’s attention you need to something unique. you can go with a unique product offer. Make the offer that no one else offers that.

4. Develop a Customer Friendly Website –

The very important step to selling your product online is to create your own website. Firstly purchase a name for website, i.e. domain name, and hosting. Try to keep your website name short and descriptive what is business all about. Most important try to not use dashes and misspellings of your product. Your mistake can become the profit of others.

As far as your web design is concern than it should be easy to navigate and informative for your customer. keep your benefits and your unique offers on the top. It has seen that more than half visitors never drop down fully than. landing, you have to give them the information they need as quickly as possible. Take a look at our Digital Marketing Course and Website Designing Course in Patiala, you will say so much money doing it yourself.

5. Offer a Freebie –

The best technique to make your audience engagement to your product is to offer some Freebie staff. You could create according to your business. You could offer a free weekly subscription to an article, Free shipping of products, weather reports and lots more.

Once, you put these 5 steps outline together you have a basic map of creating your own achievements. You would not consider going on a trip without a map, so as per PIIM don’t try to go it alone without a map.

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